Kelly Doley is a contemporary artist using painting, installation, performance and video. Her practice takes a socially engaged, thematic and interdisciplinary approach that has recently turned to exploring the history, relevance and agency of feminism. Doley’s works are often deployed interactively to create forms of collaboration that foster direct communication, conversation and other symbolic systems of exchange. The subsequent fragments of knowledge, data, and documentation accumulated in her projects are generated into other online, exhibition and print projects. Her practice is an ongoing attempt to interweave contemporary arts practice with the public sphere and facilitate a contemporary art that moves beyond those that have the language to decode it. Since 2007 Doley has also worked collaboratively with all female artist collective Brown Council. Together they explore the meaning and limitations of the performance of the self and of gender.

She holds a Master of Fine Arts from Sydney College of the Arts, University of Sydney (2011) as well as a Bachelor of Fine Arts (1st Class Hons) from UNSW, Sydney (2006). She has exhibited and presented solo and collaboratively nationally and internationally including ISCP, New York, Campbelltown Arts Centre, Artspace and the MCA, Sydney, Westspace, Melbourne, Fremantle Arts Centre W.A., Boxcopy, Brisbane and NMOCA, Seoul. She has received numerous government and philanthropic arts grants and in 2012 she was the recipient of the Redlands Emerging Artist Award. In 2011 Brown Council received the QANTAS Encouragement of Contemporary Art Award and were the commissioned artists for the MCA’s 2014 Jackson Bella Room.

Since 2008 she has also been initiating participatory, curatorial and publishing projects. She has served on the board of Firstdraft Gallery, Sydney (2008-2009) and was co-founder of Sydney lounge-room gallery Cosmic Battle For Your Heart (2009-2011) with Mitch Cairns and Agatha Gothe Snape. In 2013 she launched JANIS, a pilot exhibition, publishing and talks project dedicated to promoting women in the arts. Her work with Brown Council and solo pieces are held in private and institutional collections nationally.

kellydoley at gmail dot com / KellyDolly / @KellyDoley

Image: Susannah Wimberley, 2013

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