With galleries, museums and public art spaces closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, MUMA invited submissions for a series of limited edition Art You Can Wear T‑shirts.

Designed using handmade letters, this T-shirt adopts a phrase by Australian cyberfeminist artist, Linda Dement, and reflects on the function of slogans in times of social change. I was thinking about the “It's Time” slogan used in the Gough Whitlam ALP election campaign in 1972. The slogan was seen to capture the mood for social and political change in Australia at the time. With that time now passed, the urgency of Dement’s “future now” could be a more fitting slogan for the current moment.

The ten winning entries are by Debris Facility, Kelly Doley, Alicia Frankovich, Igor Grubić, Jess Johnson, Archie Moore, Tom O’Hern, Sarah Rodigari, Phil Sidney and Garry Trinh. Printed locally on Fairwear accredited 100% organic cotton, a donation from each T‑shirt sold will be made to NAVA’s Artists’ Benevolent Fund.