Cosmic Battle for Your Heart was a domestic gallery in Rozelle, Sydney. It was established in 2009 by Kelly Doley, Mitch Cairns, Agatha Gothe-Snape and Brian Fuata and situated in Agatha, Brian and Mitch's house. After two years, four exhibitions, three performances and many dinners the project ended in 2011.

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Exhibitions included:
︎︎︎'Colleagues and Peers (hokey-pokey)' (31 May -7 June 2009), which featured work by over 25 artists including: Sarah Goffman, Michelle Hanlin, Anna Kristensen, Elizabeth Pulie, Rachel Scott and the members of the Cosmic Committee

︎︎︎'+Air & More' by John Adair (25 September – 4 October 2009), which included a special light show by Robert Lake

︎︎︎'Bennelong Way to the Top' by Archie Moore, and 'Chicken Mole' by Sarah Goffman (18-25 April 2010)

︎︎︎'Happiness' (25 September–3 October 2010), which included work by Tim Barber, Christopher Hanrahan, Vanila Netto, Justene Williams and Diana Smith

︎︎︎'Eastern Seaboard', an exhibition at Artspace (2 March–10 April 2011), curated by Reuben Keehnan and Melanie Oliver, which brought together the work of three Australian artist collectives. End event at Cosmic Battle For Your Heart by Hannah Furmage
Images: Installation view 'Colleagues and Peers (hokey-pokey)' 2009, Installation view '+Air & More' by John Adair, Installation view, 'Bennelong Way to the Top' Archie Moore 2010, invitation to 'Happiness' and Sarah Goffman's presentation of 'Chicken Mole' 2010, installation view of Hannah Furmage's closing installation on the exterior of the house 2011.