This is a limited edition series of hand painted posters. ‘Hand painted posters for hard times’ are a series of text works in pastel using traditional signwriting methods inspired by a recently hard period of time for myself personally. Paired with the series are ‘Hand painted tees for hard times’, a series of hand painted T-shirts. Each poster is 51 x 63.5 cm on 210 gsm card.
‘Slow is good’, handpainted ink on musk poster.
‘It is what it is’, handpainted ink on violet poster.
‘People are People’, handpainted ink and acrylic on baby blue poster.

‘Goind round in Circles’, handpainted ink on musk poster.
‘One Day at a Time’, handpainted ink on violet poster
‘The Fear’, handpainted ink on baby blue poster.

‘I go slow’, handpainted ink on violet poster.
‘Desire Desire’, hand painted ink on acrylic musk poster.
‘I am the most important person in my life’, ink and acrylic on baby blue poster.
‘The only way out is through’, handpainted ink and acrylic on violet poster.