JANIS, 2013
JANIS was a curatorial project focussed on critical discussion about female identified artists and writers that culminated in two exhibitions and publications.

Alaska Projects, 6 - 24 February, 2013
Curated by Kelly Doley
Artists: Sarah Contos, Hannah Furmage, Zoe Robertson, Marian Tubbs and Justene Williams.

The Commercial and MCLEMOI Gallery, 26 July - 17 August 2013
Co-curated by Amanda Rowell and Kelly Doley
Artists: Bonita Bub, Jenny Christmann, Sarah Goffman, Gail Haistings and Sarah Rodigari.

The JANIS I publication, edited by Kelly Doley.
The JANIS II publication co-edited by Kelly Doley and Amanda Rowell. 

"The efforts of the curators to create a sense of identity and purpose for contemporary female artists that also looks back to the history of feminism has produced a palpable wave through the Sydney art world. People are talking about the show: debating its ambitions and potential outcomes."
Andrew Frost, The Guardian, 31

“Female-specific exhibitions and initiatives might be seen to be endorsing a gender divide, but their value and necessity lies in their ability to reaffirm the importance of women’s contribution to art in the past, the present and moving forward into the future."
Sammy Preston, Broadsheet, July 2013