The Learning Centre traded art for knowledge from members of the public. Staged in an installation in the gallery, in return for a lesson on a topic, the artist offers participants a painting of their choice. The Learning Centre mines the principles, objectives and knowledge we uphold in order to find or maintain meaning. Lessons ranged from anarchism, transcendental meditation, Slovenian performance art, socialism, break ups, bee hotels, organic gardening, wine, cheese and cider making, alchemy and paranormal investigation, and biochemistry. Staged at Tin Sheds Gallery and Fremantle Arts Centre Studios.

Article in runway by Diana Baker Smith on The Learning Centre here

Images: Kelly Doley 'The Learning Centre', performance and installation, Tin Sheds Gallery, Sydney, 2010 and Fremantle Arts Centre 2012. Participants: Johnny Trujilo, Margaret Sevenjasi, Mish Grigor, Tai Kim Pok, Alan Musry,Naomi Derrick, Andrea Haas, Prudence Xu, Ashley Dyer, Mohammad Kamal, Assistant Minister Josh Apieczonek, Werner Meyer, Anita Lever, Griffen Jones, May-Ring, Katie Lenanton, Jacob Smith, Stuart Bailey, Andrew Pittaway, Sean Gormley, David Haydon, Sujora Conrad, Gino & Les.