Feminist South was a curatorial research project with Kelly Doley and I: project Space, Beijing, China spanning across 2017 -2019 that aimed to generate discussion on contemporary feminist practices located in and around Asia, Australia and Pacific regions.The project resulted in two exchange residencies for the curators between Beijing and Sydney with the assistance of the Australia Council for the Arts and Artspace, Sydney.

Artist interviews were held through image based question and answers published online at http://feministsouth.com/

The project culminated in artist Amy Sou Wu presenting a solo presentation at Artspace Thunderclap in 2019 and a series of talks and presentations about the project and her work. Part-shop, part-sewing workshop and part-exhibition, Amy Suo Wu’s Thunderclap premiered in Australia over the course of two weeks in Artspace’s Ideas Platform. Thunderclap employs steganography to publicly redistribute the erased work of Chinese anarcho-feminist He-Yin Zhen (1886–1920) through the medium of clothing accessories.

Images: Various interview images and images from Amy Suo Wu, Thunderclap, 2017, courtesy the artist. Photo: Jeff Yiu