This project transforms the live moment between artist and participant into 95 hand-painted posters about feminism. Each slogan is translated from 16 lessons the artist received on feminism as part of The Learning Centre: Two Feminists 2012) live performance. The thoughts, ideas and facts passed on through these conversations are collated to create a hobbled archive of feminist thought, predictions and histories, whilst riffing off the tropes and clichés of the political poster and slogan.
Commissioned by Boxcopy, Brisbane. Essay by Amelia Groom here.

Images: Kelly Doley, Things Learnt About Feminism, detail and installation view. 2014. Ink on 220gm fluorescent card 60 x 52cm (95 pieces). Cruthers Collection of Women's Art, The University of Western Australia. © the artist. Detail view photos: Jessica Maurer